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Thanks for adding that Eric! I haven't been able to run that myself (via SSH) but it probably applies to newer builds.

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Super Tutorial Have posted a link on my site for other people to follow

Rohan Kapoor 74p · VIDA Foldaway Tote What Lies Beneath FoldBag by VIDA hDH2lDi9K

Cool! I'm glad you found it useful!

Andy · 289 weeks ago

If you configure PuTTY to use UTF-8 character encoding, you'll see the proper borders instead of odd characters on the package configuration screens.

Rohan Kapoor 74p · 289 weeks ago

Good tip - Thanks!

MrWareWofl · VIDA Statement Clutch candy inks by VIDA uqQPKIGGlk

I use SecureCRT for SSH, it encodes the screen properly. Thank You for sharing this article, very helpful! I've been using the Raspbmc images, and these steps are the same there. It would be great if someone would make a simple batch file that could be easily distributed to accomplish this for us lazy people.. Sounds like I probably will have to do that one of these days.. haha.

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MrWareWofl, I saved you the trouble. Save the below code as a shell script ( and execute it. I commented out the reboot at the end, but you can remove the pound sign if you desire that behavior. Please note that I didn't test this on an actual Raspberry Pi, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work on one.
Oops, I forgot the on the line. Be sure to add it in.

Rohan Kapoor 74p · 266 weeks ago

I took care of modifying it. Thanks for writing this script up!

Allen · VIDA Statement Bag Flamingos Paradise by VIDA 53zOrPM5x

Cool Stuff... Thanks for sharing this script..

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Jun 26, 2017 Politics
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Take a few minutes to look over Jill Stein’s Facebook wall and Twitter feed . If this was your primary source of information, you would literally have no idea that Republicans are on the brink of taking healthcare away from 24 million Americans to pay for a one Trillion dollar tax cut for the rich. You would have no idea that Trump is the most corrupt president to ever defile the Oval Office. You definitely wouldn’t know that hate speech and hate crimes have spiked across the country. Instead, you’d come away with the impressions that the corporate media is out to get Stein, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are the source of all evil in the world, and that this whole silly Russia thing is just a distraction. In other words, Jill Stein sounds an awful lot like Donald Trump without the mental instability.

So far in VIDA Foldaway Tote I N Spire Glamour Tote by VIDA Den5f
, Stein has mentioned Trump about 20 times between retweets and direct comments:

3 tweets about Trump pulling out of the Paris agreement.1 tweet about selling weapons to the Saudis (but she made sure to mention both parties).1 tweet about Trump being temporarily blocked on DAPL.

Several are posts about how Stein didn’t say Hillary was the same as Trump. This led to a long series of tweets about just how terrible Hillary is, making her furious tweetstorm of denial a distinction without a difference. The remainder are about how Rachel Maddow and Politico are out to smear her because they’re the corporate media and she’s a morally pure warrior for progress, etc. etc. etc. She mentions Republicans once.

There’s a few tweets about other issues but the bulk of her timeline is preoccupied with attacking the Democrats and the media and downplaying the Russian hacking story. She also manages to spend part of her time talking about rigged elections, making her timeline more like something a Trump supporter would put together and less like a peek inside the mind of a “progressive.” Stein clearly has little to no interest in the incalculable damage Trump and the Republicans are doing to the country. To be fair, Stein had a tweetstorm in late May about Kris Kobach and his impending election rigging but in the context of her other tweets (or lack thereof), this seems like a ploy to reduce confidence in elections (and thus, reduce voter participation) rather than a legitimate concern.

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3 months ago

Financial conversation platform Juntos handles millions of simultaneous conversations with users in eight countries every day.

Chat via SMS revolves around money management and personal finance. These conversations are with people who are enabled by the platform to manage their meager income well and even set aside money for savings.


Peter Illetschko

In the words of CEO and Co-Founder Ben Knelman, the challenge for their young company is that “so many people feel isolated in their financial lives. How do you create tools that change how people think and feel about their money?”

The eight-year-old company headquartered in San Carlos, California started out as a class project at the Sandford design school in 2010.

Knelman wrote in the company’s first blog post that they continued the project after seeing that the financial coaching system they developed was able to help their interviewees in a big way. Karina, a Mexican immigrant who works as a night shift janitor, in particular, was able to save USD 2,000 in a year’s time on income that’s barely enough to cover the basic necessities of life.

Hence, the platform’s first users were first-generation Latino immigrants around the Stanford area. They keep track of their daily expenses and send the details to Juntos via text message. At the end of the month, they get a summary of their expenditures to help them make sense of their finances. The platform also coaches people on how to work towards a financial goal.

The company has since received some USD 7.4m in funding to keep the conversations going.

“We localized to Bemba, Nyanja and Lozi (Zambian dialects), Swahili, Arabic, Tagalog, and Spanish native to three different Latin American countries” — Peter Illetschko, Director of Localization, Juntos

“During the early years of Juntos, we created our messages directly in Spanish. As we grew to other regions, we realized that by writing in English and then localizing to many different languages we would be able to scale up and reach many more users more quickly and efficiently,” said Peter Illetschko, Director of Localization at Juntos, in an email interview with Slator.

You’ll build an understanding of industry assembly methods and quality assurance standards, such as differences in fabric coloration, performance, cost, and quality. Your skills will increase the quality in apparel products and the methods in which they’re made.

Program information

Curriculum requirements VIDA Leather Statement Clutch Silond Sparkle by VIDA 3VkCjJU

4-Year plans 2018-19 sample 4-year plan (PDF)

Students in the product development option work to meet both the needs of consumers and designers. You’ll learn about trends and business demands and have the knowledge to plan, create, and present apparel products to fill niches within the market.

If buttons come from Russia, and fabric comes from Indonesia, what does that mean for a consumer in the United States? Students studying production and sourcing management explore the latest technology and methods used to assemble garments in mass quantities from around the world. You’ll learn the fundamentals of production, including sourcing materials, timing deliveries, and managing cost.

Program information

Curriculum requirements 2018-19 catalog requirements (PDF)

4-Year plans VIDA Leather Statement Clutch SUNSET CLUTCH by VIDA uE3SNhwcx6

Accelerated degree option An Versace Vintage Half Moon Clutch Shoulder Bag Or Purse i0AC7fz
is available for each of these options.

Accelerated degree option

Learning communities

Meet students in your program through the AESHM learning communities.

Clubs and organizations

Connect with people who share similar interests in AESHM and others across ISU campus.

The apparel, merchandising, and design program offers various international opportunities through the Pierre Cardin Sleek Python Versatile Clutch Bag C 1970 zfuezNBr22

Graduates of the apparel, merchandising, and design programsare well-prepared for entrance in careers in technical and creative design, buying, visual merchandising, and sourcing careers. They are also able to pursue further education options in graduate programs.

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